The Internationalist hat mit den Agency Innovators 2017 Experten ausgezeichnet, die unser Verständnis von dem, was wir zeitgemäßes Werbegeschäft nennen, verändern. Auf der Liste der diesjährigen Agency Innovators: Martin Albrecht und Kamran Ashgar, die gemeinsam den CROSSMEDIA Standort New York aufgebaut haben und international für das Thema Transparenz im Mediabusiness einstehen:

Thanks to your nominations, The Internationalist has selected the INNOVATORS of 2017. Twenty-seven men and women throughout the world were chosen from several hundred nominations.

This year’s INNOVATORS are transforming our concepts of a contemporary advertising business. This extraordinary group of individuals from all corners of the globe are embracing change and making a difference for their organizations and for their clients. Many are reinventing business models, while being scrupulous about hot-button issues like return-on-investment, transparency and brand safety.

Today, innovation is integral to so many new disciplines that underscore the breadth of expanding responsibilities for agencies and marketing partners- content creation, programmatic buying, data, analytics, strategy, eCommerce, mobility, as well as creative, media, digital, and, of course, inspirational leadership that embraces future vision.

Many of the INNOVATORS named are exploring new and nimble ways of working, as well as testing exciting approaches to collaboration and effectiveness. Without question, we’re seeing a greater focus on the sophisticated use of data, insights and actionable ideas, as well as a trend in new leaders who operate at the intersection of innovation, technology, creativity and contemporary culture.

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